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Date: 2014-04-13 12:00:00
Emotion: interested
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Some things to say about my experiences as a county delegate this year. First, I wasn't quite expecting to be so busy! In my case, I'm also working full-time (and work had a few emergencies - think the Heartbleed bug for one), and taking the equivalent of half-time in online college classes as well. But if you aren't at least somewhat busy going to candidate events and talking to them (at least with as many races as we had to vote on in the county this year), you're not doing the job right. One thing I didn't know about at Caucus when I ran to be a delegate. I wish I had taken a few more opportunities to meet with candidates. I would not be surprised if most of them slept for 10 hours plus last night. Watching the county commissioner B debates at 11 the night before (I hadn't been able to attend due to a previous commitment, and I meant to watch them before, but I ran out of time... see note above about the Heartbleed bug) can make your eyes glaze over. Second, meeting all the candidates. It was fun as well as educational. One took me out to lunch on a day I had taken off from work, and I wasn't as prepared with research as I'd have liked to have been at the time. ( I made up for it later, I hoped.) Attending cottage meetings and meet-the-candidate events helped. In some races - what I did was rate between 1 and 10 all along the way, based on the positions they took at the events and in their votes during the year - it was a choice between 10 and 9 or 9 and 8. Tough decisions there. In others, not so much. I think that's why so many of the county races are going to primaries this year. Third, the trust you're given. I realize that I should keep myself better informed during the rest of the year about what is going on - and I'll try to do that. I think of my family members who aren't as interested in politics as I am when I say that. I asked my wife if she wanted to go to convention with me to see what it was like and she said "No way!" Probably a good thing, as crowded as it was. I will have to see if she'll go to a shorter event - maybe a meet-the-candidates event - with me if I do this again. Convention was a good experience - I had met people I hadn't met before (and some I had - one other person from my ward was in the other precinct that my ward was split between, and 5 other people from my work were there, I was told - I ran into 2 of them), and it was interesting. In my case, actually meeting Connor Boyack was a neat experience. Wish I had talked for longer with him. As for the "physical arrangements" - I will have to remember to get there even earlier than I did! (I had to park well away from the school because the lots were filled before 7:15. Can we have it at UVU or someplace with more parking in 2016, please?) One thing that I wish I had heard mentioned about convention - it is HOT and cramped! I should have been told to dress like it was 90 degrees outside or hotter - maybe that should have been mentioned more strongly at delegate training? At least I brought lots of liquids - we were warned about that. I was glad I went, and I'll be back in 2015 for the organizing convention.

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